About Us

Our Mission

Invoke is a consulting firm specialized in providing solutions for critical business needs through modern technologies encompassing systems management, security, data insights, and mobility. Our mission is to deliver long term business value by positioning ourselves as your trusted advisor through results driven strategic planning and alignment with your business goals.

Our Work Culture

Invoke targets the top five percent of the talent in the services we offer. Each team member is meticulously screened and selected to insure we employ the best of the best. Our culture and internal community further strengthens our capabilities by making each individual project everyone's project. Rest assured that even if you only have one resource on a project that the full Invoke staff will be standing behind them to assist at a moment's notice.

Throughout every day, we enjoy not only team building and furthering each others knowledge and passion for what we do, but we also look forward to helping our clients fulfill their needs. We absolutely look forward with what the future has to offer.

What Our Clients Say

We are proud to present some commentaries our clients have made about us and our work.

“They guided me through every aspect of the process.”

Steve Richardson

“Professionalism that goes above and beyond.”

Bill Gates

“We asked and Invoke delivered.”

Lizzie Moore

“Invoke is my bat phone. I consider you special forces of Microsoft consulting.”

Lizzie Moore
Invoke’s mission is to become your trusted advisor, reduce operational overhead, deliver long term business value, and ensure that your objectives are our own.

Next Steps

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