24x7x365 Managed  Extended Detection and Response

Meet unprecedented security challenges by  leveraging MXDR services

MXDR 365 is a managed extended detection and response (MXDR) service that goes beyond monitoring alerts to helping customers respond to multi-stage attacks across hybrid identities, endpoints, applications, data, and infrastructure. MXDR 365 leverages the power of Microsoft 365 Defender, Defender for Cloud, and Microsoft Sentinel to provide comprehensive visibility and protection for your digital environments. With MXDR 365, you can benefit from the expertise of our analysts and high fidelity collaboration with your own team to investigate the context of alerts and remediate the true positives. MXDR 365 is the ultimate solution for securing your Microsoft assets from advanced threats.

Managed Extended Detection and Response changes how security work gets done

Ransomware attacks grew over 100% over the past year. We know customers of every size face ever-increasing security risks. In just the last 12 months the speed of attackers leveraging breaches is also increasing, as it only takes 72 minutes on average for an attacker to access private data from the time a user falls victim to a phishing email.  Data breaches from insider threats have also risen 44 percent this last year. Organizations need to be prepared to not only monitor their entire environment but have the experts in place to quickly analyze and respond.

How does MXDR365 Protect Your Organization?

Our 24/7/365 managed security operations center (SOC) services include:

  • Full deployment of Microsoft Sentinel (SIEM)

  • Full deployment of M365 Defender Suite

  • Log Ingestion: Endpoint/Server, Firewall, & Cloud

  • Incident Management and Reporting

  • 24x7x365 Expert Security Operations Center Analysts

  • Live dashboards and reports

  • Automation (SOAR)

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Proactive Threat Hunting

The Invoke Difference

  • Invoke is in the TOP 10 of USA Microsoft Security Partners and TOP 15 Worldwide

  • Expert Threat Intelligence Integration

  • MXDR Service Provider that brings the power of best-in-class technologies and security know-how to your environment.

  • Advanced automation using AI reduces noise and improves response time

  • Best price /performance for SIEM and SOAR

  • Ability to triage vast amounts of security alerts and data

  • Ability to go beyond the endpoint to visualize and correlate threat data across domains

Why MXDR365?

Organizations lack budget or in-house security resources to manage alerts or are seeking deeper detection expertise.

Staffing Challenges

Teams may lack the skill sets needed to thoroughly investigate incidents and do not have the capacity for round-the-clock coverage.
And even if organizations have the budget to hire internally, a resource gap in the industry can make it very difficult to hire the right talent in a timely fashion.

Lack of Expertise and Budget

The advantage of Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) over endpoint-focused managed detection and response (MDR) solutions is the ability to go beyond the endpoint to visualize and correlate threat data across domains and have that human-led expertise delivered quickly to help organizations accelerate or augment their security operations center capabilities.

Unable to Triage Security Alerts and Data

Many companies are dealing with alert fatigue, and they need to focus on the things that matter. They need help beyond just cleaning up minor incidents or false positive alerts. They need help enhancing their security posture to reduce the volume of alerts and incidents they see over time.

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Microsoft Funded Security Assessments & Workshops

Access exclusive Microsoft funding from the following assessments and workshops to accelerate your deployment and adoption of Microsoft technologies. Select an offer from the descriptions listed, complete the qualification form, and we will submit your request to Microsoft for funding approval.

Invoke Threat Check  Assessment

The Invoke Threat Check Assessment offering is designed to understand security goals and objectives, identify security threats across Microsoft 365, and provide reccomendations to mitgate those risks using Microsoft 365 Security tools.

Secure Identities & Access Assessment

This engagement provides enterprise customers with a detailed identity assessment report, a high level migration plan and demonstration of Microsoft Entra Azure AD & Identity Governance features.

Invoke Data Risk  Assessment

The Invoke Data Risk Assessment offering is designed to identify privcy & regulatory risks in Dark Data present in M365 & on prem stores to help mitigate them using M365 compliance solutions

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