Modernizing Enterprise Applications

The Azure Application Modernization offering is designed to identify & assess the feasibility and ROI of migrating, innovating, and optimizing one or more applications into the Microsoft Cloud system.

Value Proposition

Designed to identify & assess the feasibility, effort, timeline and ROI of migrating, modernizing and innovating application & data workloads onto the Microsoft Cloud platform.

Microsoft funding for Invoke-led PoC may be available upon request.

Eligible Workloads

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Customer Benefits

  • Review of existing organizational IT assets.
  • Assessment of organizational business drivers, operational considerations, and desired outcomes.
  • Discovery, rationalization and prioritization of app & data workload modernization candidates based on expected business impact.
  • Evaluation of potential influences to modernization efforts, such as organizational realignments, governance, security, compliance, and data protections.
  • A customized “action plan” describing effort & timeline estimations to achieve phase-based migration & modernization outcomes.
  • Highly-defined approach for accomplishing workload modernizations while minimizing risk and organizational disruptions.
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Invoke Scope of Delivery

  • Identification, analysis and assessment of candidate workloads that demonstrate compelling business impact.
  • Delivery of a well-defined roadmap for accomplishing workload modernizations with high confidence.
Invoke’s mission is to become your trusted advisor, reduce operational overhead, deliver long term business value, and ensure that your objectives are our own.

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