Security, Compliance & Identity Solutions

Protect your organization from threats across devices, identities, apps, e-mail, data, and Cloud workloads.

Stop breaches across your entire organization

Understanding your IT risk means having a strategy and visibility into your vulnerabilities.  Invoke’s security experts help you identify your organization’s unique risk profile to help you define and design a risk mitigation approach to protect your IT assets, improve your security posture and meet your compliance and data management needs.

Secure all Clouds, all platforms

Protect Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud as well as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and IoT platforms. ​

Get leading integrated security tools

Prevent, detect, and respond to attacks with built-in unified experiences and end-to-end XDR capabilities.​

Empower Rapid Response

Help your security operations team resolve threats faster with AI, automation, and expertise.​

Security, Compliance, Identity, and Access Management Services

​In the era of cloud transformation, organizations face an increasingly complex environment and need the right strategy to safeguard their infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS) services.​

Security Assessments

Microsoft Threat Check Assessment

This assessment is designed to understand​customer’s security goals and objectives, identify security threats across M365 services, and provide recommendations to mitigate those risks using Microsoft  365 Security tools.

Data Risk Assessment

This assessment is designed to Identify privacy and​regulatory risks in Dark Data present in M365 and on-prem stores to help mitigate them using M365 compliance solutions.

Hybrid Cloud Baseline Security Assessment

An engagement that enables insights into active threats and vulnerabilities related to your hybrid workloads using Defender for Cloud and explore Azure Network Security.

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Endpoint Solutions

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Proof of Concept

This offering is designed for organizations that want to better protect their cross-platform endpoints, reduce the window of risk, respond automatically, and investigate potential security breaches at scale. ​

Microsoft Defender Endpoint Deployment

This service is designed to understand customers’ security goals and objectives for endpoint security,  align and execute Microsoft recommended deployment baseline across the customer’s device estate, whether migrating from an existing point solution or implementing a net-new use case. ​


Cloud Security

Develop a comprehensive multi-cloud security strategy with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Applications.

Strengthen your Cloud Security Posture

​Optimize the configuration of Cloud services with extensive assessment tools.

Defend against evolving threats

Protect Cloud workloads and apps from threats with the help of leading security research and threat intelligence.

Control access to critical Cloud apps and resources

Enforce real-time access controls using built-in risk assessments and contextual information. Access is controlled whether accessing the app from BYOD or corporate device.

Secure every step of the development cycle

Safeguard the entire app development, deployment, and operations lifecycle directly within the standard developer workflow

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Identity Access Management

Safeguard your organization with a seamless identity solution from Microsoft.

Zero Trust

Lay zero trust foundations or expand on your existing investments.

Azure Active Directory

Azure AD provides a complete identity and access management solution with integrated security to help you manage and protect your workforce and data.​

Azure AD Provisioning Service

Provides integration with heterogeneous platforms across the datacenter, including on-premises HR systems, directories, and databases.​

Privileged Identity Management

Manage, control, and monitor access to the most important resources in your organization. ​

Identity Governance

Identity Governance - Control access to apps and data for all users and admins with automated identity governance, to ensure only authorized users have access.​

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Governance, Risk & Compliance

​Intelligent compliance and risk management solutions from Invoke and Microsoft help your organization assess compliance risks, govern and protect sensitive data, and respond to regulatory requirements.

Protect and Govern

Protect and govern your sensitive data wherever it lives - across apps, endpoints, and Clouds.

Identify Insider Risks

Identify and take action on critical insider risks and code-of-conduct policy violations.

Investigate and Respond

Quickly investigate and respond to legal requirements with relevant data.

Address Compliance Risk

Address data privacy and data residency regulations and assess compliance with a risk-based score. Quickly respond to data subject requests (DSR’s).

Microsoft Priva - Privacy Risk Management

Priva Privacy Risk Management provides visibility into your organization's data and policy templates for reducing risks; and Priva Subject Rights Requests, which provides automation and workflow tools for fulfilling data requests.


Microsoft Defender Coverage

Microsoft Intelligent Compliance and Risk Management Solutions

Data loss prevention

Automatically protect sensitive information stored across Office 365 locations.

Information Protection

Identify and protect sensitive data​ including credit card, bank account, and passport numbers.

Information Governance

Use labels to retain content based on when a​specific type of event occurs.

Advanced Message Encryption

Send and receive encrypted email ​messages to people inside and outside your organization​

Communication Compliance

Minimize communication risks by ​detecting, capturing, and taking remediation actions on inappropriate ​messages in your organization.​

Customer Lockbox

Maintain control over your content with explicit access authorization for service operations.

Advanced Audit

Gain visibility with new auditing capabilities that help ​with forensic and compliance investigations.

Microsoft 365 Compliance Center

Monitor your overall compliance posture, ​review recommended actions, and configure settings to meet complex compliance obligations.

Records Management

Manage regulatory, legal, and business-critical records across your organization.

Microsoft Compliance Manager

Simplifies compliance and helps reduce risk by translating complex regulatory requirements to specific controls and providing a quantifiable measure of compliance through compliance score.​

Customer Key

Help meet compliance requirements by exercising control over your organization’s encryption keys.​

Insider Risk Management

Detect, investigate, and take action on risky activities in your organization.​

Information Barriers

Restrict communications between specific groups of users inside your organization to safeguard internal information.​

Privileged Access Management

Help protect your organization from breaches through granular access control over privileged admin tasks.​

Advanced E-Discovery

Manage the end-to-end workflow of internal and external investigations.​

Microsoft Defender Security Workloads

Customer Success Stories

Invoke’s mission is to become your trusted advisor, reduce operational overhead, deliver long term business value, and ensure that your objectives are our own.

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